Kottiyoor Vaisakha Maholsavam 2017 Dates

Kottiyoor temple festival
Vaisakha Maholsavam 2017 Dates

The Vaisakha Maholsavam festival is held every year during the months of May - June. The twenty eight day festival commences with the Neyyattam ritual on the Swati Day in Edavam and concludes with the Thrikkalashaattu.

The Vaisakha Maholsavam celebrations begin with the ritual of bringing a sword from Muthirerikavu from Wayanad. On the following day, on Visakham star Bhandaram Ezhunnallath ritual is held. Gold, Silver vessels, heavenly ornaments etc are brought from nearby Manathana village to Kottiyoor.

An important ritual during the festival is the 'Elaneer Vayppu' or submitting tender coconuts before the swayambhu Shiva linga. On this special day, thousands of tender coconuts carried from different parts of Malabar by the devotees are submitted. The following day, the main priest of the temple, pours the collected coconut water on to the idol which is known as 'Elaneeraattam'.

Rohini Aaradhana is a very important ritual which is not seen in any other temple. The priest embraces the swayambhu Shiva linga as part of the ritual. The belief behind this ritual is that Brahma himself worships Lord Shiva to pacify for the loss of Sati.

As a part of the festival, a procession (Ezhunnallippu) is held with two elephants carrying the idols of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. After the procession, the elephants are fed well (Aanayootu) and given a formal farewell.

വൈശാഖ മഹോത്സവം 2017

31-May-2017, Wednesday - നീരെഴുന്നള്ളത്

06-June-2017, Tuesday - നെയ്യാട്ടം

07-June-2017, Wednesday - ഭണ്ഡാരം എഴുന്നള്ളത്ത്‌

14-June-2017, Wednesday - തിരുവോണം ആരാധന

16-June-2017, Friday - ഇളനീർ വെയ്പ്

17-June-2017, Saturday - അഷ്ടമി ആരാധന ഇളനീരാട്ടം

19-June-2017, Monday - രേവതി ആരാധന

22-Thursday-2017, Sunday - രോഹിണി ആരാധന

24-June-2017, Saturday - തിരുവാതിര ചതുശ്ശതം

25-June-2017, Sunday - പുണർതം ചതുശ്ശതം

27-June-2017, Tuesday - ആയില്യം ചതുശ്ശതം

28-June-2017, Wednesday - മകം കലം വരവ്

1-July-2017,Saturday - അത്തം ചതുശ്ശതം, വാളാട്ടം, കലശാ പൂജ

2-July-2017, Sunday - തൃക്കലശാട്ട്

Vaisakha Maholsavam dates for year 2017

31-May-2017, Wednesday - Neerezhunnallathu

06-June-2017, Tuesday - Neyattam

07-June-2017, Wednesday - Bhandaram Ezhunnallathu (Mid night, Ladies will be Allowed only after this)

14-June-2017, Wednesday - Thiruvonam Aradhana

16-June-2017, Friday - Ilaneer Veypu

17-June-2017, Saturday - Ashtami Aradhana, Ilaneerattam

19-June-2017, Monday - Revathi Aradhana

22-Thursday-2017, Sunday - Rohini Aradhana

24-June-2017, Saturday - Thiruvathira Chathussatham

25-June-2017, Sunday - Punartham Chathussatham

27-June-2017, Tuesday - Aayilyam Chathussatham

28-June-2017, Wednesday - Makam Kalam Varavu (After 12.00PM, Ladies won't be allowed)

1-July-2017,Saturday - Atham Chathussatham, Valattam, Kalasa Pooja

2-July-2017, Sunday - Thrukkalassattu

Elaborate rituals and offerings are open to devotees during the festival. Visit the Kottiyoor Vazhipadu Offerings page for the details and rates.

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