Kottiyoor Photo Gallery

Here is a photo travalogue on Kottiyoor Temple. You may also check our Kottiyoor Videos gallery

thalassery busstand

Thalassery Bus stand. From here you can board a bus to Kottiyoor.

kottiyoor travel road

Kottiyoor Thalassery road. Scenic beauty in abundance.

Kottiyoor  Main Steet

Kottiyoor main steet. You can see the bus stand and shops selling oda flowers.

Akkare Kottiyoor Entrance

Akkare Kottiyoor temple entrance.

The Bavali river

The Bavali river which seperates Akkare and Ikkare Kotiyoor.

The Bavali river bath

You bathe in the Bavali river before going to Akkare Kotiyoor.

kottiyoor thiruvanchira entrance

Kottiyoor Thiruvanchira entrance. You are almost near Akkare Kotiyoor.

kottiyoor palukachi mountain

The breath taking scenary when you reach there. You can see the mysty Palukachi mountain.

akkare kottiyoor temple

Akkare Kotiyoor during Vaisakha Maholsavam. You can see Manithara and Ammarakallu.

Ikkare Kottiyoor Entrance

After worship at Akkare, you reach Ikkare Kottiyoor. This is the main entrance.

Ikkare Kottiyoor

Ikkare Kotiyoor Temple on a rain soaked day. Vaisakha Maholsavam is during the rainy season in Kerala.

Kottiyoor odapoo auda flowers

You buy the Odapoo or Auda flowers before leaving. This is a sign that you have visited Kottiyoor. Decorate your house entrance with these.

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